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Don’t Stress! We Can Help You!

Caring lawyers on your side. That’s what Midsouth Advocates will always stand for. Legal issues are stressful, and we deal with some of the most heart-wrenching and emotionally charged cases there are. We will help you navigate difficult, complex, legal issues with the care, sympathy, and understanding that these deeply personal conflicts deserve. and we will stand with you through it all.

Are you struggling with your spouse such that one or both of you have decided a divorce is necessary? We can guide you through the process and work to relieve your stress in dealing with this emotionally charged event. Let us help you get your fair share of the marital assets. We will also fight to get you the most beneficial child custody and child support arrangement, and address any alimony issues that may need to be addressed.

We can also help you through the legal process if you need to modify any previous court order of child custody or child support when circumstances have changed and those changes need to be addressed by the court and changed on your behalf.

Let us help you protect your children (or a relative’s children) if they have been or are being exposed to any child abuse and you want to open your home to the children to keep them from ongoing harm.

For grandparents, we can assist you in getting court ordered specific visitation of your grandchildren if a parent or custodian unfairly start keeping you from seeing your grandchildren under Tennessee’s laws granting grandparents visitation rights to their grandkids.

We can also help if you have been the victim of domestic abuse or stalking; or if you have you been falsely accused of domestic abuse or stalking by an accuser who is trying to “game the legal system” and get an advantage in a child custody and visitation proceeding; potentially even filing a suit for money damages against the false accuser for abusing the legal system.

If you need guardianship over children or need to terminate the mother’s and father’s parental rights over a child so you can legally adopt a child, we can help you through a legal process that is often complex and difficult.

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