Abused Child with X-Rays
  • Defending Your Parental Rights
    • Civil Defense against the Department of Children’s Services when they petition the court stating you are an “Unfit Parent” and ask the court to place your children in foster care or with a relative.
    • Criminal Defense to protect you from false or misleading allegations that place you at risk of being jailed & having your parental rights diminished.
    • Defending you from false or misleading allegations made when the other parent seeks an Order of Protection to prevent you from seeing or contacting your children.
    • Helping protect you and your children through an Order of Protection, if needed, after the other party has assaulted you or a child, threatened you or your child, or has engaged in stalking or harassment against you or your child.
  • Protecting Your Children
    • When there is a “dependency & neglect” proceeding brought to court, your children have the right a lawyer.
    • The job of your children’s lawyer, called a Guardian ad Litem (or GAL), in a noncriminal child abuse or neglect case is to represent what the GAL believes is in each child’s best interests, not what anyone else believes is the children’s best interests.
    • The GAL may take a position that parents do not like and that the Department of Children’s Services does not like.
    • The GAL’s position will be based on a multitude of factors and will be the result of an investigation into the circumstances as they were before and at the time of the allegations, and the circumstances existing from then through the adjudication process.