Be Prepared to Fight in Three Different Courts: Juvenile Court, Criminal Court, and Circuit Court

While the majority of matters I handle in Juvenile Court do not get so contentious they end up in three different courts. There are still a substantial number that do. Most cases are handled almost exclusively in Juvenile Court, though there may be multiple matters in front of different magistrates. For example, child support and custody are often heard by different magistrates, as will dependency and neglect and truancy matters. Theoretically, the same family could be dealing with all four of those types of cases simultaneously and have four different magistrates.

BUT SOMETIMES – allegations are made that seem “hinky” and can result in criminal charges, restraining orders or orders of protection. A parent will do this to sidestep the Juvenile Court magistrate hearing your case and gain an advantage in the custody or child support matter. That, my friend, is called “Abuse of Process” or “Abusive Civil Process” involving defamatory statements. So, if you think the other side is capable of lying, abusing the system, or making false and damaging allegations with little or no real evidence, you need to be prepared for it.

All hope is not lost. There are things that we can do to mitigate the damage the other parent or relative is trying to do. Often, those false allegations can be turned back around on them where they “backfire” and “bites them on the butt.” 

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Three Outstanding Attorneys I Recommend Regularly - Highlighted Names Link to Their Websites (just click)

  • Attorney Sarah Turner for any Divorce Matter (especially high conflict & high asset divorces), for Drafting Wills & Power of Attorney Documents, and she is a Certified Rule 31 Family Law Mediator.
  • Attorney Leslie “Dan” Buchanan for Bankruptcy & Debtor Rights, Consumer Protection, Tenant Rights, and Tennessee Lemon Law.
  • Attorney Jim Hale for any Criminal Matter When the Defendant is Facing Serious Jail Time. He is NOT Afraid to Take Your Case to Trial.
  • NOTE: None of these lawyers are partners, associates, of-counsel, or otherwise have a formal connection with Midsouth Law & Mediation Group. They are listed here because I trust them more than anyone else in their respective practice areas, and they will be who I refer you to if I am unable to assist you in your legal matter(s).

Because we all practice in different areas, if your situation demands a lawyer practiced in any of the areas that any of us practice in you will be in good hands. If, however, your matter will need someone who practices in a different legal field, the odds are pretty good that one of us will be able to provide you with the name of a lawyer who can definitely handle that legal problem.

Disclosure: Attorney Turner and I are located in the same suite of offices to save money on overhead costs like rent, utilities, phone, etc.